life's good and all about family...


2018 has gotten off to a great start. we are full steam ahead on the renovation and aiming to be in at the beginning of march, we have booked a few little weekend getaways in the coming months (a straddie getaway for our one year wedding anniversary and nz for easter) and things are ticking along for me at work, as well as for kurt who is building and managing two large scale renovation projects. 

my sister welcomed two beautiful identical twin baby girls (indi and isla) on jan 6 and its been so wonderful being about these two little babes over the past few weeks and my sister taryn and her family will be over to visit in the coming week - so 2018 for us has been very family orientated thus far. 

for those of you who have followed this blog since its inception since 2010, you would probably know how close i am with my family. my parents are not only parents, but great friends and fabulous mentors and my sisters are my best friends. 

i know how incredibly lucky i am to have some a loving and supportive family who are there for each other 24/7 (take for example my dad who shows up every weekend at our house ready to work or mum who drops take away coffee's off when she senses morale is a little low on a sunday afternoon when we've been working around the clock to get gyprock hung), no matter the up's or downs - and man... there were a lot of those in 2017. 

so looking at my 2018 goals from my last post, i am on track at the moment with numero tres (3) - getting through the reno and numero cinco (5) - making the most of weekends/long weekends etc. how are you going with your 2018 goals? given its the beginning of february, do you need to get back on track or are you still on the bandwagon? 

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