top 30 by 30... i don't think so


well fml!!!

vogue just released the top 30 countries you should have visited by 30 and i have heaps to go. to be honest, i am not doing too badly, but we still have a long way to go! i really need to get on to start to tick this shit off i tell you. i have highlighted the list below, perhaps you are doing a little better than me?


30. sri lanka

29. costa rica (phew – i have been here twice! loved it and cant wait to go back)

28. brazil

27. canada (have been here twice, but only in winter and only to snowboard so maybe i get half a point for trying…)

26. china (another one off the block; didn’t love it and probs wont be returning any time soon… #sorrynotsorry)

25. south korea

24. finland

23. ireland

22. portugal

21. the netherlands

20. germany (can tick frankfurt off the list)

19. denmark

18. iran

17. morocco

16. argentina

15. the united states (yasss a tick for here, have seen a small amount of both the west and east coast and even called miami home for three months)

14. france (i can comfortably say oui s'il vous plait (yes, please) to paris and st tropez 

13. chile

12. greece

11. italy (milano is now one of my fav cities)

10. south africa

9. india

8. cuba (one of my fav places of all time – seriously, just go)

7. mexico (ok i am on a role here as i have spent time in all of the below. my absolute obsession and adoration for mexican food comes from our month spent all over this amazing country)

6. vietnam (a must visit in asia – really great for your first oe)

5. japan (love love love – a month here was no where near enough)

4. indonesia (well we lived in bali for almost a year and we have ventured to sumatra, nias and nusa lembongan but need to see more)

3. united kingdom (always a fav for both work and play)

2. new zealand (i was born here, its home when im not at home)

1. australia 9 (i am a little embarrassed to say i have only visited thee states in australia so i do really need to get my butt in to gear and see more of this great red land).


so how’d i do? 13/30 – ekkkkkkkk not even half way through. come on peeps – where should we go next? 

*updated 8 July 2019 | have updated germany and italy… still ploughing through this list!! one by one…

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