new year - new me...


when the clock strikes at midnight and we celebrate the start of a new year we are always banging on about new year resolutions. what are we going to do different. better. what are we going to do more or less of. its a revolving door each and every year and ill admit, i do jump onboard.

but this year, 2018 felt different to me for some reason. perhaps its age. perhaps it was that 2017 was full of life lessons. perhaps its that i feel like 2018 will be full of hope, wonder, joy and prosperity. well - at least thats what im hoping. 

january 1 2018, started off well - i was clear headed (read. not hungover) and we made the most of it by road tripping it down south for a lovely long lunch. our christmas and new years hasn't been the most "restful", to be completely honest, we have worked everyday we could without pissing off our neighbours. 

this being the case, i have some goals (i am not going to call them resolutions because that term is usually short-lived) for 2018 that i am going to write down here, in the space, to keep me accountable.

1. quality over quantity - my mission for 2018 is definitely to consolidate and surround myself with more like minded peeps that enrich my life rather than add drama

2. spend more time in/at/near the ocean (no explanation needed...)

3. finish our friggin renovation 

4. travel to at least one new country this year (this was something i vowed to do every year after i turn 30, visit a country i haven't been to before - in 2017, it was italy) 

5. make the most of long weekends and public holidays by pre-planning trips away or tacking on a few additional days here and there when i have to travel for work and making the most of the places we get to visit  

6. use eye cream religiously 

7. practise self love (slow down a little and go for a walk/pilates or mediate instead of a high-impact, cardio based, loud thumping music f45 class, don't beat yourself up for having a carb heavy, creamy meal instead of a salad, be more mindful and finally be present in the moment) 

8. learn more - i want to spend time learning new skills, be it a short language course, a pottery or art class or a few modules of interior design at university 

9. decide on a chosen career path and set some goals for the next 1,2 and 5 years 

10. purchase another property somewhere (nz, northern nsw or straddy)

just a little fyi peeps - a 2017 study conducted by pilot pen concluded that only 12% of australians stick to their new years resolutions...

so with that in mind; bring on 2018 i say. lets do this damn thang! 

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