our nuptials - part three


omg! i know its been forever since i updated this and added part three to our wedding series. life you know, sometime gets in the way. i have to say, excitingly queensland brides featured our big day, which you can perve on here

the food

i like to think of myself as a bit of a foodie. i love to eat as much as i love to cook so food was the one big thing we wanted to get right. kurt being the person he is, allotted one hour for photos and didn’t want to miss out on cocktail hour, where we had a champagne bar and roaming oyster shucker along with hot and cold canapes.

i have been to a lot of weddings and left some still feeling hungry, so that was something i didn’t want at our wedding. we worked with the wonderful team at wine n dine em to offer guests alternate drop of the following; entrée roasted sea scallops and beetroot carpaccio, lime and watercress or apple glazed pork belly with a petite waldorf salad, mains were char grilled beef fillet with heirloom carrots, pea and wild mushroom alternating with ginger glazed atlantic salmon with black sesame, white miso and coconut rice with dessert being a selection of artisan cheeses or a passionfruit parfit cheesecake.

ontop of this, we also had a roast station (roast beef with bread rolls and gourmet spreads), which was served at 11pm. as there are no late-night greasy food options (i.e. no mcdonalds) we felt that it was the responsible thing to do as hosts. you know, to soak up that alcohol.


the drinks

cocktail hour was predominately focused around a champagne bar with the bride and grooms signature drinks also served. hers being a champagne cocktail featuring champagne, a nip of cointreau and fresh muddled lime and his, a dark and stormy (gingerbeer, rum and fresh lime).

from here, there was also a selection of beer and wines to suit the flavors of the food and the time of year (summer). we opted for a zesty new zealand sauvignon blanc and an australian pinot noir for the red wine drinkers and a light and mid-strength beer for the guys (and gals). we also made sure there was a selection of non-alcoholic beverages available and served both still and sparkling water on tables so no one dehydrated.

p.s. i also just noticed there seem to be a lot of photos with me in a drink in my hand... not sure why...


the sweets

our lovely wedding cake and the favours were made by the lovely casey, from i heart cakes on the gold coast and our divine cake topper was from the uber talented jesse from louie luxe. i did find that the wedding favours also served as a bit of a late night treat for those craving a bit of sugar at the end of the evening. 



we wanted something a bit fun with the photobooth so guests to occupy themselves throughout the evening. we chose theme-appropriate props and what can i say, everyone had a blast and its so fun looking back at all the pics from the evening. it really tells a great story of the evening and the shenanigans that were proceeding.



my amazing family managed to pull off the impossible and surprise us with fireworks half way through the reception. it was so magical and such a big surprise. we both had no idea. all i can say was that it topped the whole event off dreamily and i honestly felt like it was all part of an enchanted movie.

all in all, it was the perfect day, in everyway and looking back, i would not change a single thing. i hope you enjoy reading about it and please let me know if you have any questions or comments. 


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