our nuptials - part two


well here we are - up to part numero dos (or part two). this is probs my favourite as its all about the clothes, hair, makeup and all the glittery-sparkly, cherries on top of the pie, deets that everyone loves to hear about. 

the dress

i always knew i wasn't a big, puffy dress type of gal. time was a bit against us (read. less than six months) which is like a swear word when you walk into a bridal boutique wanting something a little different. needless to say i was very VERY lucky that the lovely karen willis holmes boutique in paddington had a dress that suited me, my style and vision for the day that was also able to be tailored to what i wanted. after a few fittings (five) it fitted like a glove and i love love loved it.

as we were getting married on the sand, i thought something textured could work - lo and behold we found that the dress i loved had an almost shell like beading to it, which looked a bit much on the coat hanger, but looked fab at the ceremony.

the stylist that kitted up kurt and the boys suggested that i use some of the cutoff material to cover kurt's tie (which was a bit of a big call) so along i went to the tailor and got the tie covered. i showed it to him the morning before the wedding and judging by the reaction, i wasn't expecting him to wear the glittery god-damn thing, but he surprised me on the day - and wore it. pics below. insert smiley face emoji here. 

my beautiful bridesmaids were dressed in simple silk slips by gold coast company silk laundry.


the groom and groomsmen

kurt and his groomsmen were styled and dressed in top to toe topman and we worked with the gorgeous stylists at topman brisbane to get them all looking all dapper. given it was a beach wedding, we opted not to go for full suits and rather something a bit more causal and fun. 


hair, makeup and nails

hair and makeup was something that i really needed to get right. that being said, it was probably the second thing i locked in after the photographer. the amazing husband and wife duo, john and kathy, behind the multi-award winning salon nook, came over to do hair and makeup for the day. #winning!  

i wanted to look like myself on my wedding day, just a slightly more dewy, sculpted and hydrated version. kathy nailed my look to a tee and i must say, mac strobe cream will be you new best friend, if it isn't already. 

with the assistance of some perfectly colour matched clip-in extensions from showpony, my wind swept wavy mane was ready to rock and roll and my hair, i have to say, was exactly exactly how i wanted it. (i heavily advise a makeup and hair trial for you and at least one of your bridesmaids pre-wedding.)

my signature nail colour is red, i wear it practically every day, so i thought why not make it work on the wedding day. zavier my usual nail gal sorted us all out and took extra care to make sure we were primped and perfect. as part of my gift to the girls i face them each a gorgeous robe from posy robes which matched the theme of the whole shebang perfectly. 

getting ready


i am big on scents. i believe they can transform you to a time and place if you think hard enough. working in the beauty industry i read articles and blogs on perfumes and fragrances all. day. long.

when i was younger i used to adopt a bit of a french-chick philosophy and have either a winter and summer signature scent or a day and night specific scent. in my latter years though i have absolutely fallen in love with byredo's gypsy water and i wear it day and night, summer right through to winter.  described as allowing you to tap into your "inner bohemian with this vivacious, woody scent laced with bursts of citrus, incense, pine and orris" its my fav and i layer it literally with the entire collection (body wash, body lotion, hand cream and hair parfume). 

on the day of the wedding we also opted for a signature scent to waft through the reception. the girls at gypsy and pearl candles supplied us with three different sized candles which had the island appropriate coconut and lime scent whic made the evening all the more romantic. 


flowers and styling

after looking at the logistics of the wedding i knew i would need assistance on the day as we were getting ready on one side of the island, the reception was taking place on the opposite side of the island and our ceremony was taking place on a sandbank in the middle of moreton island, which was on another side of the island. help was totes needed.

so here comes emma and the coco and confetti team. i knew i was able to organise a lot of the suppliers in the lead up but i couldn't physically be there on the day so i was on the look out for an on the day coordinator. to my luck emma also provided seperate quotes on our floral requirements as well as the styling elements. after a few emails back and forward we met up for a few coffees, lunches and wines (she is a girl of my own heart) and we were able to create something uber spectacular.

i didn't want to go over to top with flowers, given the time of year (SUMMER and hot as SHIT) flowers on the beach was a bit of a stretch so we opted for a lot of tropical lush greenery, native australian flora and hints of white flowers throughout.

emma created a gorgeous bouquet for me (it wasn't too big or too small) as well as the bridesmaids beautiful individual flower crowns that suited their luxe bohemian beach look. pintrest certainly is a brides little black book for inspiration, so look at creating a board and share it with your vendors. 

the flowers for the reception and ceremony were beyond perfection. from the palm leaves lining the isle to the beautiful arbor and the hanging installation in the marquee, we really loved what the team created and i think the pictures will tell the story a little better than mere words. 

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