2017 has been...


if someone could have told us, this exact time a year ago, that 2017 was going to be an incredibly trying year for kurt and i, i honestly wouldn't have believed you. we had just relocated back to the gold coast from a nine month stint of travel and work whilst living in bali (a bucket list item) and we were newly engaged. the world was our oyster and we were trying to find our groove after an interesting career change (read yachting) but we were positive and optimistic. 

one year on, 2017 has been tough to say the least and i am so hoping that 2018 will be bigger and brighter for us. as some of you fly-the-coopers would know, i am usually proactive-ish on keeping you up to date with our adventures, but alas, this year, our "adventures" have consisted of getting married, starting a business and taking on a full scale renovation whilst working full time. 

when i turned 30 in september, while in fiji on a belated honeymoon (i will get around to posting a few snaps of that soon), the unfortunate passing of my nan turned september into a bit of a messy month with plenty of travel back and forth between australia and new zealand to be with family at a very sad time. this being the case, i really wasn't able to take a step back and look at what 30 really looked like. 

what did i want to have achieved by 30? am i close? do i even know what i want out of this first year in my 30's? its suffice to say that there are a lot of looming thoughts floating around my head and i really cannot answer any of my own questions, let alone other peoples. 

two things i do know at this point in time are (relative to being 30 and 2018) i would like to endeavour to visit at least one country per year that i have never visited before every year from now on and two, that 2018 has got to be better than 2017. i mean, it can't be worse. so there it is. 

not to sound underwhelmed but it seems as thought my first goal will soon be achieved by a last minute whirl-wind trip to milan in early december - so bring on all the pizza and pasta i can eat in two days.  

how has 2017 treated you? am i alone on this or has this just been a really disjointed and random year? 




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