motherhood 101...

well peeps, i am four months in and i wanted to put pen to paper and share some of the lessons and learnings from my journey into motherhood thus far. i am by no means an expert, nor do i consider myself to be but these are some of the things that help me get through the days.

  1. no two days are ever the same. one day we will have a perfect day - peaches will follow her routine to the minute and i can get a million things done and the very next day, things turn to shit and i get nothing done and spend the whole day wondering what i did differently. was it something i ate, did i miss a tired cue etc. you can never predict what the day will look like so don’t try to. 

  2. we are routine based parents and that’s what works for us. as mentioned in my previous post, i returned to work at six weeks and therefore we need to have a schedule to follow to ensure the days are consistent for sunny, weather she’s at home with me, our nanny or with one of her grandmothers’. each day we follow a feed, awake time/play and nap schedule that allows us all to be on the same page.

  3. we decided at around three weeks the we were open to using a pacifier, much to some people’s dismay. she hasn’t completely taken to it however sometimes it buys us an extra 20 minutes to get a few things done before we need to resettle, cuddle or simply chat to her. 

  4. sleep times vary as do the ways in which we put her down. some naps we put her down drowsy but awake and she drifts off to sleep on her own. sometimes she needs a bit of a cuddle and falls asleep in our arms. seldomly, she falls asleep whilst feeding. it really differs each day however we do stick to the same pattern each and every evening and that’s bath, feed and bed between 5pm-6pm. peaches absolutely love her bath time so she knows her routine well so we opt not to mess with it. 

  5. four months is a big leap for babies so this is when we decided to stop swaddling her and make the transition to sleep suits, one for day and one for night. another big change that we cemented at four months is the swap from her bassinet to a cot. she is currently going through the four month sleep regression, day sleeps for the most part, so we strategically decided to let her arms go free at this time, our method – given she was going to be having crap quality sleep, why not get it all over with at once. 

  6. peaches combined her own evening sleep feeds at around six weeks. the 10pm feed and 2am feed linked, and we now feed once overnight, usually around 1am which gets her through to 530am. so our evenings are: 5pm bath, 530pm feed, 6pm sleep, 1am feed and at 5/530am she wakes for the day. Our days are 6am feed, 10am feed and 2pm feed with the rest of the days made of naps and awake time/play time. She has been on this routine since birth and its been a god-send. 

  7. we started introducing solids (as per our paediatricians’ recommendation) one small amount once per day, either avocado or banana mashed with a little bit of breast milk and some baby rice formula – and i have to say, peaches loves them – at four months.  

  8. we mix feed. peaches gets 85% breast milk and 15% formula and it doesn’t upset her tummy. this helps when i need to go away for work overnight and it also allows others to assist, if need be. 

  9. don’t over google things. in the first few weeks google will be your best friend but with so many conflicting opinions and advice. 

  10. Do something for yourself, even if its little, each and every day. One day it might be a 30-minute exercise session, a quick facial, a mani/pedi or a blow-dry. I think its so important to try and get a little self-love in there once per day. A must do, non-negotiable, is get dressed and pop a little makeup on daily. This doesn’t sound like much, but it will ensure you feel a little normal, no matter how little sleep.

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im a working mother...

it’s time to get real. i’m a working mum. if i had two million dollars in the bank then perhaps i would be afforded the luxury of not having to work. perhaps i wouldn’t. but like most, we have a mortgage, we are renovating our house and are trying to make kurt’s fifo schedule and my career (which, as you know - requires vast amounts of both domestic and international travel) work while juggling a beautiful baby girl.

but whats baffling me at the moment and something i want to address is - as a youngish mum (i’ll be 32 in september) is the stigma and judgement i’ve received from mothers, both older than me and some similar in age - about me returning to work with a bub so young.

now it’s certainly an interesting one to tackle and one that i choose to respond to case by case. i usually smile and to some i simply say, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do... of course i’d love to stay at home and play all day and go to mother’s groups and play dates. but that’s just not my reality.

to others that are a bit more understanding, i can be honest and say, unfortunately i don’t have the luxury of staying at home given the nature of a high pressure career. but in my head i flounder because, i don’t know how sane i would be if i did stay at home all day doing the baby thing. some days i love being a working mum, other days i’m in tears not wanting to leave.

i have an amazingly inspiring and dedicated mother who worked throughout all three of her pregnancies and pretty much went back to work straight after giving birth and i for one, don’t think i am any worse off because of it.

on my particular job front, i am fortunate that i am able to do a bulk of work from home however when peaches was six weeks old, i returned to work two days per week and left her in the capable care of a nanny in our own home.

we are routine based parents. that works for us. i couldn’t do what i do without peaches taking both formula and breast milk, boob and bottle. i also couldn’t do what i do without an amazing husband who loves our little bub as much as i do and can step up to the plate just as i do when he works away two weeks out of the month.

i’m recently returned from in europe where a hectic work schedule same in eight countries over 12 days. adding to this schedule was the fact that i wasn’t ready to give up breast feeding, so expressed whilst away - which was #nextlevel. i’ve expressed on aeroplanes, in starbucks bathrooms and in boardrooms - all in the name of wanting to get home to my baby and get back to normality.

i just wanted to get this down on paper as we all have our own opinions of what makes a good mother. don’t judge others. what works for them, may not work for you and vice versa. us mums have to stick together regardless of the situation. support one another and don’t judge ones journey into motherhood, even if it differs to your own.

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a quick guide to the village...

nb. this post was written in january and i literally just realised i forgot to post - whoops! pregnancy brain.

one of the many perks of my job is that i get to extensively travel the world. some trips there is no time to stop and smell the roses literally, its go-go-go, all our time in uber’s, airports, planes and hotels and other times we have a few days here and there to make the most of the many cities i get to visit to take some down time. this last minute trip to the usa was the latter and i was fortunate to get a weekend off.

its been a few years since ive been to new york and this last minute dot com trip got me a little excited to explore some of my favourite neighbour hoods and see whats new, whats happening and where the cool peeps are hanging. 

we based ourselves in the east village in a gorgeous apartment from the folks at one fine stay, which is, in my opinion, the way to do it if you are away for longer than a few days and want to have kitchen facilities to use.

you know how much i love eating my way around the various places we visit so here are some of the spots we frequented that were definitely worth the treks in the snow, sub-zero tempratures and the long waits, in some instances:

best for coffee: blue bottle coffee, plant shed and kaffe 1668.

best for breakfast, the standard east, the smile and the loyal.

best for lunch: ed’s lobster shack, jacks wife frieda and the smith.

 best for groceries: whole foods and the westside market.  

 some of my favourite shopping haunts: anthropology, urban outfitters, sephora, le labo, diptyque, glossier and the detox market.

where i look for recommendations: refinery29,, trip advisor, time out, goop and the gothamist.

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welcome miss sunny peaches...

yes it may be 10 weeks late but she’s here. born on 2 april 2019. she arrived 17 days early and surprised us all but this little button has been on her own agenda from day one in the womb.

yes we’re obsessed. life been turned upside down. but we are so in love and wanted to finally let the world know, our little blossom has arrived.

the pic above was peaches at six weeks old. she’s healthy, gaining weight and very well behaved. we have recently been on our first trip o/s - to nz (more on that to come).

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our third trimester...

well peeps its a bit late but better late than never. my third trimester was a rollercoaster of good days and bad days. the evenings were uncomfortable and looking back i wish i had made the most of a full nights sleep in the second trimester as i pretty much got zero in the final few weeks.

i had to admit defeat and purchase some actual maternity wear and ended up pretty much living in dresses and one pair of lulu lemon gym pants (yep the ones i blogged about in the first trimester) in the lead up to miss peaches parker arriving.

after looking back at my pregnancy it was pretty incredible to think that she’s already been to so many countries (singapore, malaysia, thailand, uk, france and the usa - some multiple times) so i really hope she’s got the travel bug.

a few sites and things that got me through my final trimester are listed below that may or may not come in handy if you are also cooking a bun in the oven.


i knew pretty much as soon as we found out that we were expecting that i wanted to get her onto a feeding routing asap. i am not one to pass judgement on others as parenting is 100% different from couple to couple however i knew that we would function better as parents getting her onto a schedule from day dot. this site was recommended to us and its got some amazing info and scheduling routines on there.


adding on to the below post from our first trimester, i snapped up a few items from legeo heritage whilst on sale, i opted for some items that were cute and practical but also “feeding friendly” a term that multiple people started dropping once we got into the final trimester.


some new pj’s and slippers that can also double up for when you’re in hospital. as i was wanting to ensure that i wasn’t going out to purchase too many new items that were only going to work whilst pregnant i made sure that these babies were going to work post-pregnancy. they are practical and pretty damn cute.

maternity bras are a must and if you havent already, go and get some bras that fit well and don’t have an underwire.

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our second trimester...

ok we got through the second trimester… just. unfortunately i had severe morning sickness (read head in toilet bowel) right up to 20 weeks so its suffice to say i wasn’t loving being pregnant in the second trimester - even though most women say its their favourite time, i had no such luck.

now i am through the morning sickness, i am feeling a little more like myself and am even back to walking and have gotten back into the occasional yoga class which is doing a lot for my 2019 new years resolution of wanting to be more “mindful”.

peach, as we are lovingly referring to her as, is healthy and tracking along well, the doctor is super happy with how shes progressing and both kurt and i are loving feeling her cute little kicks in the evenings when we finally have a chance to slow down.


i have started to get through a bit of a shopping list (this one is magic) and managed to kick some serious goals last week when i picked up the pram and finally decided on a car seat and even put it on lay-by. i mean - who am i even. haha.


i wanted to note a few things that i have been thoroughly enjoying now i am over the half way mark in the hopes it might get you thinking about potentially spending a little time on you.

i have been keeping my monthly facial appointments to ensure that elusive “glow” doesn’t fade but given the handful of changes your body goes through i have also upped my manicure and pedicures as my nails are one, growing insanely fast but two - my skin all over seems to be needed a bit of tlc at the moment.

I am also investing in a pregnancy massage once every six weeks and am also enjoying a few additional blow dries. whilst you are growing and stretching and feeling far from sexy, i personally don’t think spending a little on making yourself look your best, is going to hurt.

as mentioned above and in the previous post, i think its super important to stay active and move your body. weather its a walk after dinner, a light weights session or a few minutes meditation in the am to regroup and chill, both your body and the bub will love you for it.


finally - take some time to makes notes and maybe keeping a pregnancy journal. i have been reading through nurture, a gorgeous book which gives you well informed, holistic approach to the changes you will go through pre-during and post-pregnancy. but she highly recommends journaling throughout your journey not only to connect with your babe but also to take some time out of the day to sit still and actually think about the present.

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our first trimester...

morning sickness is real and man oh man did i get it bad! now im not a vomit-er at the best of times (unless its self/wine-inflicted) so the “literal” projectile vomiting that comes with morning sickness was completely foreign to me. 

unfortunately, at this point, i don’t think i am going to be one of those pregnant women who says, oh i loved everything about pregnant – this is based on a few things… one being – the headaches, morning sickness and other uncontrollable things such as sleepless-ness, being completely out of your control.

second is the drastic change of diet based on the fact that you cant stomach anything, so i was basically living on plain pasta and cheese most evenings or vegemite on toast each and every morning.

fyi - we found out baby at around eight weeks so we were a good chunk of the way through the first trimester before things really started turning pear shaped, which i suppose is a good thing, we made up for it well and truely for the next six weeks.

so… i am absolutely not clued up on having a baby, i have never been one of those females who pictured themselves pregnant or wondered what their baby will look like… but – i am going to share some of the items/apps/miscellaneous things that have been a godsend since this new chapter began for us. 


both kurt and i are using the app, what to expect when you are expecting, its really educational with its weekly video as you progress. you get daily tips for you and the baby as well as its got a great search function if you have any questions and forums to get amongst if you want to chat with other mums-to-be.  

pregnancy+ is another one i am using which gives you cute little size guides each week about what your bub is. this week for example, on the size scale, we are either a peach, a duckling or a brownie. 

one for first time dads is, whos your daddy, one both kurt and i love as it puts everything into man terms. i.e. this week your baby is the weight of a fishing lure and the size of a floppy disk etc. 


from around week eight i really struggled wearing pants, not because they didn’t fit me (i am currently 14 weeks and still fit all my clothes) but your become super sensitive as your tummy grows.

i have been living in bassike dresses (try david jones sale section), a couple of bae the label numbers and i also just received my first delivery of asos maternity wear – all are relatively cheap and bassike dresses aren’t maternity so can be used post-bub. 

get yourself a comfortable sleep shirt – i absolutely love my personalised one from jasmine and will – or a nice set of pj’s, you’ll be so tired, your favourite place will literally be your bed. 

i also invested at 12 weeks in some calvin klein briefs and crop tops which i am living in as the weather gets warmer, particularly to sleep in and given the fact that my boobs have nearly doubled in size, underwire bras wont be comfortable for much longer. 


a good water bottle to keep you hydrated.

i have been treating myself to sparkling mineral water with a dash of lime cordial and fresh lime - its really refreshing and can be served in a wine glass with lots of ice when you are socialising so you don’t feel left out.

i have kept up training with my pt throughout pregnancy and have found it amazing even when i don’t feel like it - keeping your body moving is important - just make sure you let your trainer know how far along you are so they can modify your routine.

these lululemon pants are amazing if you are wanting to stay active and fit.

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well we have some news for you...

you heard it here first… we are pregnant and having a little girl come april 2019, making us currently 14 weeks.

this week, she’s a peach, so we are loving referring to her as peaches and for some reason, its sticking, much to kurts dismay.

little poppet is a complete surprise and we have come to think of it as the universe having a bigger and better plan for us.

this being the case, i am determined not to let my resolution of visiting a new country each year from the age of 30 - and 2018 saw me add kuwait to the list, albeit by defaults it was a work trip.

i am currently going through the rollercoaster of emotions, some days its excitement and elation, other days its complete apprehension and anxiety as i am roughly three years off the age we were thinking of maybe talking about trying.

i am going to start compiling a list of all the things i have been using/avoiding through the up’s and downs of severe morning sickness and how we are coping with this new-found change of direction.

do you have any recommendations of things we should start looking at buying now that we are into the second trimester?

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top 30 by 30... i don't think so

well fml!!!

vogue just released the top 30 countries you should have visited by 30 and i have heaps to go. to be honest, i am not doing too badly, but we still have a long way to go! i really need to get on to start to tick this shit off i tell you. i have highlighted the list below, perhaps you are doing a little better than me?


30. sri lanka

29. costa rica (phew – i have been here twice! loved it and cant wait to go back)

28. brazil

27. canada (have been here twice, but only in winter and only to snowboard so maybe i get half a point for trying…)

26. china (another one off the block; didn’t love it and probs wont be returning any time soon… #sorrynotsorry)

25. south korea

24. finland

23. ireland

22. portugal

21. the netherlands

20. germany (can tick frankfurt off the list)

19. denmark

18. iran

17. morocco

16. argentina

15. the united states (yasss a tick for here, have seen a small amount of both the west and east coast and even called miami home for three months)

14. france (i can comfortably say oui s'il vous plait (yes, please) to paris and st tropez 

13. chile

12. greece

11. italy (milano is now one of my fav cities)

10. south africa

9. india

8. cuba (one of my fav places of all time – seriously, just go)

7. mexico (ok i am on a role here as i have spent time in all of the below. my absolute obsession and adoration for mexican food comes from our month spent all over this amazing country)

6. vietnam (a must visit in asia – really great for your first oe)

5. japan (love love love – a month here was no where near enough)

4. indonesia (well we lived in bali for almost a year and we have ventured to sumatra, nias and nusa lembongan but need to see more)

3. united kingdom (always a fav for both work and play)

2. new zealand (i was born here, its home when im not at home)

1. australia 9 (i am a little embarrassed to say i have only visited thee states in australia so i do really need to get my butt in to gear and see more of this great red land).


so how’d i do? 13/30 – ekkkkkkkk not even half way through. come on peeps – where should we go next? 

*updated 8 July 2019 | have updated germany and italy… still ploughing through this list!! one by one…

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life's good and all about family...

2018 has gotten off to a great start. we are full steam ahead on the renovation and aiming to be in at the beginning of march, we have booked a few little weekend getaways in the coming months (a straddie getaway for our one year wedding anniversary and nz for easter) and things are ticking along for me at work, as well as for kurt who is building and managing two large scale renovation projects. 

my sister welcomed two beautiful identical twin baby girls (indi and isla) on jan 6 and its been so wonderful being about these two little babes over the past few weeks and my sister taryn and her family will be over to visit in the coming week - so 2018 for us has been very family orientated thus far. 

for those of you who have followed this blog since its inception since 2010, you would probably know how close i am with my family. my parents are not only parents, but great friends and fabulous mentors and my sisters are my best friends. 

i know how incredibly lucky i am to have some a loving and supportive family who are there for each other 24/7 (take for example my dad who shows up every weekend at our house ready to work or mum who drops take away coffee's off when she senses morale is a little low on a sunday afternoon when we've been working around the clock to get gyprock hung), no matter the up's or downs - and man... there were a lot of those in 2017. 

so looking at my 2018 goals from my last post, i am on track at the moment with numero tres (3) - getting through the reno and numero cinco (5) - making the most of weekends/long weekends etc. how are you going with your 2018 goals? given its the beginning of february, do you need to get back on track or are you still on the bandwagon? 

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